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Our international specialists in education covers every step of students learning procedures, protocols for customer services in schools and the most competitive and prestigious methodologies for teachers and school directors.

Every year we keep total quality controls for different public and private schools, online platforms and designing systems for families from around the world who are willing to get in touch with the most important figures within the education industry in the 5 continents. We can help your family or school in:


  • Strategic planning for your business. 

  • SWAT Analysis & Weak Signal for your corporation. 

  • Admissions procedures for foreign students.

  • Train the trainers for your teachers. 

  • Networking events for School Directors.

  • Prestigious networking with international teachers. 

  • Choosing academic assessment.

  • Preparing tests for specialized knowledge or for languages certifications. 

  • Covering a wide range of school services like marketing, after school programs, branding. Etc. 

  • Curriculum consulting. 

  • Online webinars for school owners.

Please contact us if you need further assistance. We can help if you need a customized service too. 

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