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For more than 20 years, our group provide educational services for international students. We are celebrating our evolution from a location in Texas with The Woodlands Prep International School to the new Woodlands Prep Online High School. This curriculum upgrades will bring a better education to students that are looking for new digital learning tools. 


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Now our group can offer a Dual Certification with the USA recognition and another with elite schools from America, Europe or Asia. Our online high school diploma programs are 100% self-paced and can be completed at your own pace. Unlimited online tutoring Included with all traditional full-time high school programs. We have experienced the achievements from our graduated students, who are now studying in the Top Ranked Universities all over the globe.   If you need more information Click Here


Plurilingual benefits for our customers, who are willing to certificate their previous knowledge of a language to be recognized by the most important certification in America. Designed for those who want to demonstrate their language skills or If you need it for your school or even for a job offer!

We can help you if you require an official language certification that opens the possibility for new careers opportunities or for a language international testing. This remotely examination provides you all the tools you will need to support your proficiency in more than 120 languages with ACFTL Recognition.



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WP Global Camps designed for students who are looking to enjoy different experiences in a secure and beautiful environment while their parents feel they are in a safe place handle by professionals. As we are an international group, we deeply understand the need of young learners to feel free during vacations. We have 2 designed for boys’ and girls’ different types of camps to solve their needs, even if they are looking for part time or full time Camps in their location or abroad:

  1. Traditional Camps: The camper will have access to different activities to prove their skills, talents and abilities. They will feel motivated while they have some exciting activities like Kayak, Trekking, Languages, Music lessons, Art Appreciation, Media Training for social media, Theater, and other sports just to prove teamwork, leadership and friendship. Some fieldtrips might be included too!  

  2. Sports Camps: We understand the need of improving your knowledge with the best techniques available. Our coaches are experts in their disciplines and know exactly how to help you to reach your goals. If you are willing to prove yourself through discipline, a rigorous methodology and experience your games in the best facilities, join us. We have Basketball and Soccer for 2023!

Different terms and conditions may apply according to the season. We have COVID protocols and different meal and uniform plans. If you need more information, please click here, or contact us.  

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Woodlands Education Systems School Consulting is a new area created for schools who can provide academic services in a community.  We understand that education need improvements, so our experts are able to help you if you are looking for:

  • Train The Trainers Courses for teachers.

  • New Technology for your school. 

  • Strategic Planning to increase your tuition numbers. 

  • Customer Services and Admissions Coaching.  

  • Curriculum Consulting. 

  • After School Services. 

The K-12 education market remains active, as new technologies and services help improve student performance and teacher efficiency, improving overall outcomes. Companies that offer adaptive learning solutions and assessment products continue to have a meaningful impact. Advancements in online education, digital classrooms, specialized curriculum, and peer-to-peer sharing platforms are transforming the ways in which teachers and students collaborate inside and outside the classroom.

Our Group have experts in America. If you are looking for a customized evaluation, please contact us.

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Educational tourism

Exclusive options designed by experts for local and international students who are willing to travel to another country to learn how they network, make business or launch new projects. We invite you to join our unique concept: Educational Tourism. It means we are experts in education and recreation for adult learners who are searching for the best options to be startups, have a joint venture or are thinking to expand their core business (From USA to Latin America or From other countries to the USA, Mexico or another place). Our students learn, practice, and manage information related with different topics and industries while they match with experts, peers and new customers. 


Our financial arm runs a Private Equity Fund focused on Educational Services, in addition to providing Transaction Advisory services. We target equity investments in the Latin American Educational sector, as well as advising schools in the region interested in finding investors that provide owners with liquidity and growth capital. 
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