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Woodlands Prep: accessibility and flexibility in customized international education

Woodlands Prep is an innovative educational community committed to high international quality standards. Our curricular proposals offer options that add up so that each student can reach their maximum potential.

Essential Fast Facts

The Woodlands Prep Online is an institution committed to offer the best high school education for young people around the world. We focus in taking care of the needs of each of our students, offering flexible programs for fulfilling different families’ profiles. 


Global Student Body

Our heads, teachers and staff at Woodlands are fully bilingual in English and Spanish. In this way we can help families and students for Latin-American Spanish speaking countries to have a great experience with international education.

Challenging Curriculum

Our courses are designed not just to achieve the academic level for entering to the University. They offer countless opportunities to develop critical and creative thinking, and to gain core soft skills.

Highly specialized staff

All of our staff have extensive backgrounds in education. Teachers receive state-of-the-art pedagogical training annually.

Individualized Students Support

Our online students have the support of a tutor for every subject, with face-to-face interactions and constant communication. We also offer a Counselling service for helping them in their admission processes at the universities of their election.

We have three programs designed for different needs

• A double degree for students from any Latin American high school that allows them to
   obtain a USA High School certificate. The best way to open the doors of the best universities in the world.

• An online high school to obtain a USA certificate with enough flexibility to let our students to advance at their own pace, while

   achieving an international academic standard.

• A completely online high school for high-performance athletes. With a completely flexible model this program allows them to     

   meet all their sports commitments, while obtaining a quality education specialized in sports, with USA certification.

Dual Certification High School

Double degree certified by Cognia


Woodlands Prep program, endorsed by Cognia, allows students from any high school in Latin America to obtain a double degree. An American baccalaureate degree is an important advantage to start in any University and a solid background for a future professional career. In a completely globalized world, international education is a necessity rather than a privilege.


Woodlands prep students take two subjects, English and Math, online. These course allow them to get a USA High School certificate endorsed by Cognia, a certifying entity that guarantees educational quality.


In addition to having a completely personalized platform with all the study material, homework and exams, students have the weekly support of a subject tutor. The contents and teaching methods are constantly supervised by the Woodlands Prep Head and the international evaluators of Cognia.


Woodlands prep also offers Counseling services to help students choose a university in the United States and guide them through the admission process step-by-step. The High School certificate of our system is valid in all the United States Higher Education system.


The two subjects in our program cover the core of the international curriculum.

• The Language Arts program develops and refines all language skills. In order to get a the proficiency level of

   English, that allows students to continue with any Higher education Education program in this language.

• The Mathematics program enriches the math program of the national curriculum that each student has by

   developing fundamental skills.


Sports Education

Education for world-class athletes


Woodlands Prep's Sports Education program offers a fully flexible, USA certified, online high school. With our program, students can fulfill their hours of training, tournaments, and competitions while obtaining a high-level education that opens the doors of North American universities.


Students take general high school subjects that cover an international level curriculum. The focus of these subjects is innovative, as it develops students' cognitive abilities, critical thinking, and soft skills.


This program also allows young people to acquire training around sport with specialized subjects, taught by athletes who have a successful career in this field. Our students also can attend seminars given by personalities from the sports world such as... ((pendiente, información de Azul))


Face-to-face training


Our online high school can be taken at our campus in Woodlands, Texas. In this modality, students complete their schooling with world-class training, under the direction of Coach Azul Valdés, an expert in sports development.


Our Sports Education program gives athletes the tools to continue both in their university studies and in a lifelong career in the world of sports.


The Woodlands Prep Highlights

All our students are welcome to the annual graduation ceremony at our campus in Woodlands, Texas.

Graduating Students

Woodlands Prep is an option for Latin American youth preparing to succeed globally. Programs that empower each teenager to achieve all their dreams.


The school that revolves around you

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