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Investment and Transaction advisory

Our financial arm runs a Private Equity Fund focused on Educational Services, in addition to providing Transaction Advisory services. We target equity investments in the Latin American Educational sector, as well as advising schools in the region interested in finding investors that provide owners with liquidity and growth capital.

We understand that there has been a steady increase in M&A activity in the education market. Strategic players in the space are seeking to adapt to a shift in learning modalities while financial sponsors have become interested in the opportunity presented by a sector in transition. In many instances, there is an ongoing shift from live, in-person instruction to a model that emphasizes online or blended learning.

The K-12 education market remains active, as new technologies and services help improve student performance and teacher efficiency, improving overall outcomes. Companies that offer adaptive learning solutions and assessment products continue to have a meaningful impact. Advancements in online education, digital classrooms, specialized curriculum, and peer-to-peer sharing platforms are transforming the ways in which teachers and students collaborate inside and outside the classroom.

If you are interested in the double certification program, please contact us.

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