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For more than 25 years, The Woodlands Education System has been working to make a difference in global business and education. Our international brands are structured to provide the best services and products to create experiences that enrich lives and communities.

The Woodlands is ranked #1 place to live in America. Houston is one of the most important cities to invest in in the USA because it offers the best industries related to energy, IT solutions, entertainment, and Space Management. We are close to Austin and Dallas. Texas’ Economic Dominance Ranks #1 in the US in GDP Growth, and it is the 9th largest economy in the world according to Gross Domestic Product. Our international group has plenty experience in Latin American Countries.  

We contribute to adapt educational programs for America, Latin American countries, Asian and European Cultures while we also bring new opportunities to Africans

Provide the best solutions for customers worldwide with an international perspective, a multicultural understanding and to create better conditions for people. We focus on innovation, education, business management and customized design to provide the best customer experience.


Core Values


Our organizational culture is always challenging our experts to bring the best solutions to upgrade their knowledge, improve their management skills and by implementing the vanguard strategic plans according to each market.


The state or fact of having a duty to deal with something and the ability or willingness to tolerate and be loyal is one of the reasons we feel proud about our teamwork. 


We are considered leaders because our experts have individual talents and the best professional preparation in their field of study, but they also have a multidisciplinary knowledge. Our group has total quality controls to coordinate their actions and use strategic plans to design, coordinate and evaluate all their actions and as the result is the team leadership. 

Social Responsibility


Woodlands Education Systems is a group that is constantly helping in many different ways. All our programs perspective care about human rights, a better human understanding and bring an educational perspective to help communities. Our CEO, Mr. Luis Ruiz is simultaneously The President of the International Parliament for Education. If you would like to donate or learn more, visit


The Woodlands Education Systems is always seeking for new proposals, searching for innovation and launching entrepreneurial projects that are affordable and are willing to satisfy the needs of different communities and industries. The school profile should be part of a collaborative academic community where innovation and best practices are shared. If you are looking to learn more, please contact us.


We are long-term investors in the global school sector. Our group maintain successful leadership for international schools understanding of the local community to ensure their short- and medium-term success. We therefore seek to empower local teams by providing support in key areas for long term educational programs and professionals.



Luis Ruiz


Responsible for overall strategy, our CEO, Mr. Luis Ruiz, is a member of different Councils and the President for different corporations. For WES he creates long-term investment and strategic plans for the group. Inspired by education, he rans international businesses for more than 20 years in USA and Mexico. Respected for leading an international school from Pre K to Grade 12, he has a strong back record in accountability, finance, operations and management. His expertise in accountability and finance offers a great ethical perspective on economics, political issues, and management. Board member of Mexican American Chamber of Commerce.

Andrew Sherman

Head of Academic Business Development

He was a Formal Head of different International Schools around the globe. His methods and protocols are considered the best in different countries. He worked as a Consultant and School Director. His customer service was recognized by The Woodlands Prep located in Texas. He teach in IB Mexican Schools for a long period of time and for American Schools too. Now he is a leader in Ecuador. Member of the Global Executive Council of PARLIE for Academic Profiles. 

Adriana Hernandez

Director of Academic Innovation

PhD. Adriana Hernandez has vast experience from working with leading international schools and global corporations like Ericsson and Televisa. She is currently a Member of the Global Executive Council of PARLIE and represents the ONU Women Award in Mexico since 2016. Member of the National History Academy honored as a high-quality researcher. Her academic and teaching experience for more than 20 years is related to private universities. She is a recognized consultant to certificate media curriculums for Communications Faculties in Latin America. She worked for The Woodlands Preparatory International School for several projects like WPTV or KIDS MBA.

Jorge Cervantes.png

Head of Education

More than 30 years’ of experience in the Latam education industry advising K12 deals and as Head of Educational Centers. For more than 7 years his experience in Tutoring and Academic Director for The Woodlands Prep International School bring tolerance and respect to our teamwork. Orchestra Director and Languages Coordinator for different IB Schools in Mexico and USA. His background and expertise are really important for our group because he contributes with International Curriculum, Languages Certifications and Cognia Protocols & Procedures. 

Norman Garrett.png

Head of Operations

Mr. Garrett is a well known trusted and respected ethical teacher for public and private schools. His ability to connect with students and peers help schools to reach their goals. He builds forge trusting long term partnerships. His vision worked with many founders and schools operators in helping to expand their profitable and non-profitable strategic plans. His expertise help a win relation for multiculturalism and humanities. Prior to that, he had great experience in Conroe ISD (largest public school system in Texas).

Alberto Ziehl.png

Business Development

Lawyer Ziehl is able to check law international affairs. His expertise offers a great vision for substantial capitals, not only to fund growth projects including add-on acquisitions, launching global projects and capacity expansions with his firm. He was an AIESEC President and Alumni Leader for several years. He is a businessman and a well-known philanthropy. His expertise is related with accountability, global management, and commercial trends.

Daniel Bueso.png

Business Development

Founder and board member of various companies in Honduras and Central America. His experience in business for South America is also very important for our vision. He has many years in education working as a Teacher, Consultant and School Director.  His great experience in Business Management and Entrepreneur Programs were used for connecting communities with a common purpose to learn, share and evolve by combining profitability and social responsibility for long term relationships.

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